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" All Hallows Eve "
Written By: Linda Sears
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" All Hallows Eve "
Modern Halloween still uses symbols of harvest feast with a touch of the ghoulish.
" All Hallows Eve "

    Halloween is, to date, a 6.9 Billion Dollar cash cow - so says the National Retail Federation! There are 600 Million pounds of treats in the form of candy and chocolate distributed to the costume clad trick or treaters that knock on doors all across the US.
    Halloween started out as a real celebration in the 1900's but not here in the USA. The Irish immigrants brought it here with them when they came to America! Those Irish are real partiers ... I'm just sayin’! To Americans it looked like a lot of fun and the retailers realized the money that could be made and so it really took off and we turned it into quite an event, some of us more so than others!
    Dating back to Roman times, there was a celebration of "Pomona", the goddess of fruit and trees, their take on a harvest feast.  Romans began bobbing for apples as part of the feast. Always a fun part of any Halloween party I had ever gone to ... Just Sayin’!
    Celtic Paganism in the British Isles had their feast as well ... they called it "Samhain" (Lord of the Dead), and this was their New Year’s as well. The Celts believed that this was the time of year that ghosts and spirits came out to haunt, so they thought. So as to appease them they would leave out treats. This feast was first celebrated in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and parts of Britain. Bonfires and huge celebrations would take place where they would also have animal sacrifices. People would then wear the animal heads and skins.
    Early Christian missionaries to Great Britain encountered this practice. Instead of trying to ban or change this centuries old observance, they adapted it. Why you ask? Well, Pope Boniface the IV (Pope from 608-615) was key in this as he pointed out that Nov. 1 is the Christian Feast of All Saints day and the next day, Nov. 2, is all Souls Day. So in Britain and all of the European countries he declared Oct. 31 "The Eve of All Saints Day" or "All Hallows Eve"! So became the modern practice of Halloween incorporating Christianity and the Pagan Ritual!
    In the 1900's is when here in the US paper decorations and post cards were beginning to show in the retail stores. So the creation of Halloween as well as other holiday decorations began to be made. In the 1930's is when the first elaborate costumes began to be worn; ghosts and goblins were the first to be made to go along with the theme of "All Hallows Night"!
    Growing up in the Essex, Middle River area of Maryland, the night before Halloween was called "Moving Night"! In researching this I didn't find where or when this started. For all I know it probably started with the hoodlums right in my own back yard. We would wake up the next morning, (Halloween), to find garbage cans turned over, trash all over the place, toilet paper hanging from trees, soaped car windows and eggs on the cars and sides of houses. In some towns fires were started and there was major crime! Nowadays with mean people in this world, some cities have decided to have local parties and not let the children go door to door for those elusive treats. The trick part has gotten too crazy with jerks putting bad stuff in the apples and candy! I ask you, what kind of a person would do such a thing? Come on people, let's all just go with our fun side and put together a great costume, go out and have a little fun! Seacret's and BJ's always have fun costume parties with prizes for the best! Have fun and let's celebrate the fall harvest and pray for winter to be mild and to go by fast!  Just Sayin’!
Quote of the Week: People who have "No" life will always try to stir drama in yours!  So True !
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