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Coco Nights
Written By: Brenda Golden
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Coco Nights
Mary Lou & The Untouchables will perform Sunday at Fager’s Island.
Coco Nights
Jim Miller, Dean Haemel & Jay Hoad wowed the audience at Davey Jones Locker Room
Coco Nights
The Mood Swingers featuring Lauren Glick are set to perform Friday & Saturday at BJ’s on the Water.
Coco Nights
Check out Lower Case Blues Friday at High Stakes Bar & Grill on Rt. 54.
Coco Nights
The World Famous Purple Moose is the place to be for rock ‘n roll - check out Doc Hollywood Wednesday & Thursday.
    Hey, y’all. Man, is it hot!! Thank God for AC! And it’s only the last week in June. Isn’t this supposed to be August weather? I know, we’re always complaining: too cold, too hot, too rainy, too windy. Bottom line is we take what we get. And what we get in our town is a beautiful ocean to visit and take a cold dip, and lots and lots of great music. Love it!
    A great time was had by all at last night’s (Wed.) “Kill the Spill” benefit at Pickles Pub. I came in after Kaleb Brown’s segment just in time to hear Bryan Russo’s trio, accompanied by Billy Todd on smokin’ lead guitar. Bryan is working on details for filming his second video for “Repetition” and says to visit his website to find out how you can be part of it ( The first for “Smokey Cafe” is awesome. Anyway, next up was Jay Hoad, all the way from Australia to perform for us this summer. With the terrible drought that his native land has been suffering, Jay is acutely aware of the importance of our planet’s oceans and was happy to participate in the fundraiser aimed at relief for the wildlife threatened by the Gulf oil spill. Jay is a most unusual musician as he plays a variety of instruments including, of course, guitar, lap steel Dulcimer, another lap steel on which his slide technique was superb, percussion, harmonica and an instrument native to his country, the didgiridoo. Keeping all that going while looping background parts and working a foot bass beat is just amazing. I heard him play with two friends that he hooks up with when he’s in the States last Sat. at Davey Jones Locker Room. Jim Miller played trumpet and Dean Haemel played percussion. They also have a six-piece band with these three plus full drums, sax and even a belly dancer. Jay will be playing all over the area in the next eight weeks so check or this paper for upcoming dates.
    After Jay the Electric Company came on and had us all foot stomping to their happy sounds. No one was happier than DJ Wax who said, “This is my kind of music.” He says growing up in Georgia, this was the kind of music his family played and he vowed to make it a point to hear them again. Lower Class Citizens closed out the night with their raucous rock style and captivating delivery. Which means they’re not only great musicians but they’re so much fun to watch. They hold nothing back; am I right? It was a great night at Pickles Pub. You can hear LCC every Wed. there after Colossal Fossil. And every Mon. is Lower Case Blues.
    Brian and his crew at High Stakes on Rt. 54 are proud to present Lower Case Blues tonight, Friday. These guys are just plain hot. From Jake on amazing guitar, to BJ on blistering bass and vocals, to the expert drumming of Rick, they deliver the blues with a rocked up style that has garnered the admiration of countless fans. Be sure to ask them to play their originals, including ones from their latest CD Down Home Girl. So visit High Stakes not just tonight but Sat. for DJ Rupe, Sun. for Monkee Paw and early on weekends for Bobby Burns.
    Ocean City has the opportunity to help out one of our great musicians next Thursday, July 1, at a benefit being held at the Caribbean Pool Bar at 2nd St. Sax musician extraordinaire David Raynor has been ill and until last week unable to work for the past six months Originally from New Orleans, David relocated to Ocean City 10 years ago and has been pleasing audiences with his band, Tear The Roof Off, who plays every Thur. there during the summer. This special night will be hosted by Grammy winner Daryl Davis who has been keyboardist and bandleader for Rock ‘n Roll’s founding father Chuck Berry for more than a quarter century. Davis has also worked with Jerry Lee Lewis, Chubby Checker, The Drifters, The Platters, The Coasters and many other rock music legends. Daryl is a world renowned musician, author and lecturer and also the first musician in our area to hire Dave Raynor. Other guest musicians include Del Pushert (Elvis Presley’s sax player), national recording artist Big Joe Maher, and our own Joe Smooth. Tish Michel has been working tirelessly to organize this event and asks for donations of pot luck dishes to feed the happy crowd. Please be generous with silent auction and 50/50s to help David with his medical costs. The fun starts at 5pm, Thurs., July 1. Let’s show our caring Ocean City spirit.
    The night before, Wed., June 30, Charlie’s Bayside in Fenwick will rock off the Richter scale with another performance by The Chest Pains, already acquiring legendary status with their last performance at Fager’s Island. They make the ‘80s come alive with all the romantic, hard-driving tunes that are part of our musical culture. And, they have added more current tunes as well for a show that can’t be beat. Join Byron, Chris, Jeff & Joe Mama for a night to remember at Charlie’s Bayside. Meanwhile this weekend hear Walt Farozic tonight, Fri., then back with his band Under The Outhouse on Sat., and Danny Shivers on Sun. I’m heading up there tonight, Thur., to hear a new guy in town, Rick Ramsey. I hear he is making a big impression and is joining   with dynamite vocalist Linda Sears to form a new band called Fair Play. Look out for them.
    I made it up to the Clarion this past Sat. to hear Danny Dolan and First Class on the beautiful deck at Lenny’s Beach Bar & Grill at the Clarion. It was a gorgeous day filled with fabulous music and a nice surprise in the person of former keyboardist J.T. (James Tally), who suffered from a brain tumor which caused paralysis from which he is recovering remarkably well. I hear he is playing a few here and there; I’m remembering his performances with all that energy dancing behind the keyboard and praying that he’ll get stronger every day. Also a surprise, another Ocean Club memory, Dean from Who Struck John was playing keyboards on that day. I highly recommend a visit to this beautiful venue where you can hear First Class during the day and New Censation at night in the Ocean Club/Horizons.
    We had a fabulous time last week at BJ’s with the incredible music of Full Circle (at the Steer Inn Sat.) and BJ’s will be the happening spot again this weekend with the appearance of The Mood Swingers featuring the awesome Lauren Glick.  Mike Armstrong is one of the finest guitarists in the business and we have him right here in Ocean City playing with brother Tim on bass and Bubba on drums. Of course, there’s no comparison to Lauren Glick’s amazing voice nor her abilities on keyboards and bass. So join the party at BJ’s.
    Wow, speaking of incredible female talents - she’s finally back .... Mary Lou & The Untouchables will perform Sunday at Fager’s Island. We sure do miss her, don’t we. Bands with full horn sections are being forced out as businesses can’t afford to pay for large bands but she has kept her band together to the delight of her many fans, who continually ask me when she will play again. So be sure to catch her this night as she won’t be back again ‘til Sat., July 25 at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club (lots of good stuff goin’ on there).
    I’m really excited about Thursday Tribute Nights at the Purple Moose. Last night was Green Day tribute band Christie Road. Upcoming dates include Kashmir back on July 4 with amazing Led Zeppelin; a Van Halen Tribute from Everybody Wants Some on July 8; and a Bruce Springsteen tribute on July 15. Can’t wait for that one. This week check out Doc Hollywood on Wed. & Thur. at the World Famous Home of Rock ‘n Roll, The Purple Moose.
    Also, can’t wait for the much anticipated Grand Opening of De Lazy Lizard Sunday at the old location of BJ’s South; that would be 1st St. on the bay (like you didn’t know). :~)
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