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Coco Nights
Written By: Brenda Golden
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Coco Nights
Aerosmith tribute band Toys In The Attic rocked the Purple Moose: Rick (bass), Karl (guitar), Matthew (vocals), Pat (guitar), David (drums).
Coco Nights
Ian, Adam, James & Zach - The Energy - certainly played up to their name last week at Fager’s Island.
Coco Nights
40 Oz to Freedom, Mark, Dave & Terry, Sublime tribute band, had the Fager’s Island crowd on their feet all night.
Coco Nights
Baltimore’s finest, No Pets For Noah, returns to Fager’s Island Friday and Saturday nights for the best in rockin’ party music.
Coco Nights
Bob Wilkinson, Ali McAloota, Laurie Chetelat & Al “Hondo” Handy
Hi, all. It’s gonna be a short column this week, ‘cause people, I am tired. There have been so many good bands around town including the incredible tribute bands we have seen at both Fager’s Island and the Purple Moose. And you know I hate to miss anything. 
The guys in Toys In The Attic did a great job on Aerosmith tunes; Matthew Balin on vocals even looked a lot like Steven Tyler and certainly had his mannerisms down. The crowd went crazy for them. Rick Crabenchamp (bass), Karl VonHeilman III (guitar), Pat Ginnelly (rhythm guitar) & David Rockover (drums) rounded out the band.
So, that was last Thurs. Last night’s Thur. tribute at the Purple Moose was Cygnals, a Rush tribute. Now, I’m looking forward to this coming Thur. to hear Beatles tribute band Apple Scruffs. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a huge Beatles fan from day 1, glued to the TV for their Ed Sullivan American debut when I was ... well, we won’t go there. Anyhow, love ‘em, love ‘em and I’ll be there.
Friday night took me up to Rt. 54 where I heard the amazing Lower Case Blues at High Stakes. What a great bunch of people up there, too. Brian and his staff are the most friendly people I know and their food is terrific. Read all about it in Tish Michel’s review. LCB continues to impress me every time I hear them. And I’m not just saying that ‘cause they let me sing with them either. BJ, Rick & Jake are great guys and greater musicians - the best!
I had heard high praise for Alive-N-Kickin’ so,  I headed back to the Purple Moose to check them out. The rumors were true; they kicked it up with hit after hit with Joey Rose (vocals), George Dimitri (bass), Steve Miller (drums), Dave Villareal (keyboards) and Glen Campbell on guitar.
The interesting story of the night, though, was a reunion between old bandmates. Manny, Bea & Tony from the band Arizona (they play at the Ocean Club/Clarion) came to the show at the Purple Moose to see their friend David, keyboardist for Toys. It was 18 years ago that Manny, Bea & David started Arizona; then David went into the Navy and their paths didn’t cross again until now. As you can imagine, they were very happy to see one another. Manny promised to send me a picture of them from that time and I’ll be sure to share it with all of you. There’s a current picture of them on 
page 34. Too cool, huh?
Saturday’s ramblings began at Micky Fins to hear John LaMere, who will play there again tomorrow. Then I checked out Johnny Bling at Sunset Grille where everyone was havin’ a wonderful time. Later I visited Coins Pub where one of my favorite bands, Full Circle, played to a crowd of loyal fans. After their various gigs were over, several other musicians showed up there to hear Full Circle and they closed the night with guest appearances from Bob Wilkinson (Opposite Directions), Chris Button & John LaMere. What a blast!
Sunday I got an early start as Coconut Times sponsored Jenny & Cathy to paddle in the 1st Annual Kayaking Clam Relay Race at Fish Tales. What a great idea and tons of fun! Our girls didn’t make it past the first heat, but hey, those guys are strong. Anyway, a great time was had by all and you can see all the winners on page 33. Next, I stopped in at Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill where it was annual Joe Mama Fan Club Day, which actually is a benefit for the Humane Society that is near and dear to Joe’s heart. He and his friends raised a good bit of money and all had fun in the process. Coconuts features great music every day of the week on the beautiful patio on the beach, complete with volleyball court.
Dead Freddie’s was my next stop where the Parrotheads were out in full force for their monthly social. I tell ya, when I take pictures of these guys, they are really colorful! Island Jams played that afternoon, and every Sun. Made up of a few of the members of Zion Reggae, they play a musical selection that takes you to the islands, mon. Then, our friend John LaMere came in to play the evening set.
On my way back downtown, I stopped in at Seacrets where Full Circle was subbing for Power Play on the beach. They did an excellent job and both they and the crowd were happy to be there. It was good to see Jim Long again who always keeps the party crowd happy and happenin’! We even saw a record set in the Hula Hoop contest, Penny, who kept 14 hoops twirling. That pic is on page 31.
Then it was off to hear another favorite, Tranzfusion, playing on the deck at M.R. Ducks. These guys are so unbelievably good. And it’s always a pleasure to hear young Mardi & Will, teen kids of keyboardist Bob, play horns with the group. It was a great day.
Monday night was another great tribute night at Fager’s Island beginning with a group from New York called The Energy. Wow, that’s an understatement. Ian (guitar), Adam (vocals), James (bass) & Zach (drums) tore up the stage, getting the crowd ready for Sublime tribute band 40 Oz to Freedom. With only three pieces, these guys really measured up keeping Sublime music fans dancing and singing along all night long. Mark (drums), Dave (guitar/vocals) & Terry (bass) hail from San Diego, Calif., and have been on tour with The Energy (Connecticut was their next stop). I was pleased to be given The Energy’s CD Realize Your Sin, but haven’t had time to listen to it yet. This weekend don’t miss Baltimore’s best, No Pets For Noah Fri. & Sat. And check out Robert Eric’s Tribute to the Piano Man, Billy Joel, on Sun.
I hope I haven’t bored you with my ‘travelogue.’ I obviously had more to say than I thought. Pay attention to the article on this page about the Jam For Sam. We always enjoy the best music OC has to offer and a chance to do some good for children around the world. That’s tonight starting at 5pm.
As always, check our listing for more great stuff and enjoy this fleeting summer.7
    Four Ocean City area schools will be recognized for their long-standing involvement and support of the Sammy Wilkinson Memorial Fund during a special ceremony at the 6th Annual Jam For Sam held at Seacrets Bar and Grill on July 23 from 5-9 p.m.
    The special awards are being presented by the National Alliance for Youth Sports to Stephen Decatur High School, Berlin Intermediate School, Most Blessed Sacrament and Stephen Decatur Middle School as part of the many festivities surrounding the annual Sammy Wilkinson Memorial Golf Tournament and Jam for Sam Benefit.
    The Sammy Wilkinson Memorial Fund was established by the National Alliance for Youth Sports to honor the memory of Sammy, a young Ocean City resident who had a passion to help others and loved sports. In Sammy’s honor, the Sammy Wilkinson Memorial Fund was established to provide underprivileged children worldwide with a chance to play sports and enjoy what Sammy loved.
    The schools and their organizing teachers – Laurie Chetelat (Stephen Decatur High School), Susan Johnson (Berlin Intermediate School), Kim Allison (Most Blessed Sacrament) and James O’Halloran (Stephen Decatur Middle School) – are being honored for their tireless efforts to raise money for the Sammy Fund as well as collect used sports equipment that the Alliance ships to underprivileged children worldwide through its Global Gear Drive.
    “Thanks to the dedicated efforts of these special teachers and students who have been instrumental in helping us change the lives of children around the world who have never had opportunities to participate in sports and reap the many benefits associated with playing them,” said Fred Engh, founder and president of the National Alliance for Youth Sports.
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