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Ancient Arts - let your spirit soar
Written By: Jenny Samuels
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Ancient Arts - let your spirit soar
Introduce yourself to owner Liz and Miley at Ancient Arts.
Ancient Arts - let your spirit soar
Look for the life-sized mermaid next to the door at Ancient Arts on Route 50 East.
Ancient Arts - let your spirit soar
Stop into Ancient Arts and purchase a new tongue-in-cheek sticker for your helmet.
Ancient Arts - let your spirit soar
Ancient Arts carries a selection of biker-customized T-shirts for BikeFest 2011.
Ancient Arts - let your spirit soar
A colorful display of stones and crystals of all shapes and sizes offer healing powers, and books are available for purchase to explain each crystal’s intended use.
    Hey, Bikers!!! While you’re cruising around Ocean City on this beautiful weekend, do yourself a favor and pick up some merchandise from Ancient Arts. Located on Route 50 East just a few miles from Ocean City, Ancient Arts also has a vendor booth setup at 707 Sports Bar & Grille in West Ocean City on Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. Owner and local resident Liz Wiedorfer will be onsite with symbolic jewelry and biker-customized T-shirts. Bring a copy of this article to 707 or Ancient Arts, and receive a 10 percent discount on one T-shirt.
    When you walk into the door at Ancient Arts—which you can’t miss because of a life-sized mermaid next to the entrance—you’re instantly swept away into a magical world of dragons, mermaids, angels, fairies, stones, crystals, candles, incense, zodiac products, sun catchers, and Celtic jewelry. An adorable Jack Russell Terrier, Miley, welcomes you into the store with her wagging tail. Rescued several years ago from a local shelter, Miley is a sweet, quiet dog that loves affectionate people.
    For bikers, Liz has ordered several styles of T-shirts in honor of BikeFest 2011. She also carries an amusing collection of bumper stickers if you’re looking to add one to your helmet. My personal favorites are: “Don’t Make Me Get Voodoo On Your Ass” and “God Bless the Freaks.”
    A compassionate soul, Liz dedicates her business to supporting local artists and small businesses. A large portion of her jewelry inventory is consignment and locally made. She also carries “fair trade” bracelets, made by women in a small Nepali village. “Times are hard,” she says. “So many of my customers visit my store and tell me they’ve lost their jobs or homes.”
    Another impressive attribute of Ancient Arts is its extremely reasonable pricing. Select pairs of earrings are sold three for $5. Other stunning jewelry is sold in sets, so you may purchase matching bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for one price.
    Ancient Arts is certainly an ideal place to shop if you’re seeking ways to enlighten your mood or enhance your circumstances. Magnetic jewelry assists with energizing, increasing immunity, and managing pain. Performance pendants and bracelets enhance strength, balance, and flexibility. Ancient Arts also sells the Ultimate Body Applicator—a non-woven cloth infused with a botanically based formula that tightens, tones, and firms skin.
    A colorful display of stones and crystals of all shapes and sizes offer healing powers, and books are available for purchase to explain each crystal’s intended use. Books are also for sale on the topics of dreams, spirituality, animal speak, and more.
    If you’re looking for the perfect gift, Ancient Arts is your one-stop-shop for a unique and personal keepsake. Handcrafted jewelry, artwork, wall décor, and statues stay true to the magical theme of the store. Gift bags are sold too, along with tree-free gift cards for all occasions. Some of my personal favorite items include switch plate art, a bendable necklace that inspires creativity, and “poison” rings.
    Oils, soaps, and fragrances fill the shelves, creating a delightful aroma throughout the store. Tea is also in stock in the back of the store, which is where I found Liz when I visited Ancient Arts this week. She was altering a gorgeous wedding dress for her youngest daughter, Amie, who is getting married in October. Liz is clearly passionate about her bond with family and customers. She shared a personal story with me about one customer—a biker and Veteran—who serves as motorcycle security at memorial services for other Veterans. When she was chatting with him, they discovered that he was a member of the motorcycle barricade at Liz’s father-in-law’s funeral.
    Make sure you visit Liz at the Ancient Art vendor booth at 707 Sports Bar & Grille on Friday and Saturday. Stop into the store on Route 50 East, next door to the organic foods store, and say hello to Miley too. Remember to bring a copy of this article to either location to receive a 10% discount on a T-shirt. One per customer, please.
    Ancient Arts also offers massage therapy by appointment and free meditation sessions on each Thursday at 7:00 p.m. If you love mermaids, fairies, dragons, candles, crystals, pewter, Egyptian art, stones, and more, you’ll love the enchanting world of Ancient Arts. For more information, please call 410-213-7630.
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